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Long Distance Removals

At Removals in Leicester we understand the level of stress caused to a family household or a business when you need to transport all items long distance. Some cannot cope and some just quit whilst they can. Leicester Removals will take on your role and complete the long distance removal for you. All you need to do, is jump in your car and make your way to your new location. 

Our team will pack up all your items safely and make sure that they list your exact content on the box. They will dismantle and large furniture and wrap it with blankets provided in our vans. We will then tie all your belongings securely into our vans and begin our long journey to your new home or business. Once we arrive, we will unload all the content into the specific rooms you require. Additionally, if you require we can unpack all your boxes too! Our team will also assemble all furniture that was dismantled and leave you to begin your new journey. 

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    Getting You From A to B Anywhere in The UK

    If this sounds like what you need. Then contact us today. We are available to help you at any time and date. Removals in Leicester do not promise you a vast number of services. However, we are certain we can provide you with a quick, reliable and secure long-distance removal.

    Do you fear items could get damaged due to the distance travelled? Do not worry. We make sure everything is secured tightly to the van. Also, we make certain that our team drive carefully and slowly whilst they are loaded with your belongings. 

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